special announcements & events


Some of our churches are now open again for private prayer - please see the individual church pages.

Bishops launch Shaped By God Together process with a Call To Pray:
Bishop Martyn and Bishop Guli are asking us all to pray ahead of taking part in diocese-wide story-gathering that will help us see where and how God is at work in your faith communities.
See Link here & more general information here.

Discipleship Opportunity - going deeper
A possible opportunity for a JiF course in the Deanery.
What's a JiF course? - more information here.
See this Leicester Diocese webpage for JiF course experiences.

Also: for those without access to the internet
, the Church of England has supplied a freephone number.
See daily hope phone line for more information. The free number is: 0800 804 8044
If you know someone who might benefit from this please spread the word!
This is good - try it! - and pass it on.

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